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I talked to my Aunt yesterday, and got some news that has been tugging at my heart ever since the words came out of her mouth.  She told me that this summer she is going to have one of the local fire departments come in and burn my grandparents old home down.  She says that the back side of it is falling in and that it is looking as if it is beginning to lean towards the back side of her home.

As an adult, I understand the necessity of this matter, and wouldn't hold it against her.  She is alone, doesn't drive, and not real able to get out of the way in a real hurry, nor does she have anywhere else to live.  It needs to be done.
I also understand that the memories that I have of things that I experienced in that house, won't burn with it.  The thought of it being done though, bring so many of them to mind all at once.

Having parents that divorced, summers were spent here, there, and at Grandma's.  Some of my most unforgettable memories are from the time spent in that quaint little house.  A house that began as a 3 room with no indoor plumbing, turned into a six room with a bath at the hands of Grand pap.  He was a tall, very thin, quiet man.  A man of few words, but, when he spoke you better be listening.  I can see him now, sitting at the end of the table making his toast for breakfast, waiting for it to pop and smear homemade apple butter on it while it was still hot, black coffee steaming in his cup.  Blue jeans and white tank top undershirt was his daily attire, hankie hanging out of his back pocket, and a pack of Lucky Strike in his other back pocket.  He built on those 3 rooms and built kitchen cabinets for Grandma's kitchen.  I guess that is another reason the ones my son made for me are so near and dear to my heart.  Toby is alot like his great grandpa, good with wood, man of few words, but his love just oozes.  Grandma was an amazing woman.  She played the upright organ, as long as I got on the floor and pumped the peddles, she taught me the love of sewing, and how to take apart a favorite piece of clothing and make as many of them in different colors as I wanted.  We also sat together on the front porch swing, watching the grass grow just enjoying each others company, and the peace and quiet of the day.  She and I went to the lady's quilting bees and socials, but we also went dump digging.  We found some great stuff and it didn't cost us a dime. 

I know that there is no way that anyone could possibly take these wonderful memories away from me, but going by, and not seeing the old home place will take some getting used to.  Times change, people and places change, but, you can prevent anything from changing your heart if it is something that you hold dear.  I sometimes think that even though our home life sometimes sucked, God made sure that we had a good support system that would implant these wonderful times in our hearts and minds.  These memories and knowing that God played a part in each and every one of them is what gets me through each and every day as an adult.  Little did I know that when I was occasionally hating my life, God was giving me the strength to handle things now.  They say that kids are versatile and will get through that type of life, but, I often thought that I wouldn't.  Today, I am so much stronger because of it, and thank God that he gave me the ammunition that I would need in my life today, so long ago.    When I get down or depressed about something, somehow something will happen to bring some memory to mind, and I know just what to do to get through the day.  I always say out loud, Thank You Grandma or whoever it is at the moment that I am getting my strength from.  But I always follow that with a Thank You God for giving them to me.  They might be gone, but never forgoten.


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Posted on 06:13AM on Feb 21st, 2013
Beautifully written memories.
Posted on 07:52PM on Feb 24th, 2013
Thank You
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