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I sometimes wonder why certain people have entered my life, only to be swept away all too soon.  I also wonder why those same people were taken, and not me.  I stop and think, I'm still here, because I have not accomplished my task that God has sent me here to do yet.  Then I begin to think of all the things I have done, and again wonder why God has let me survive some of them.

The first ten years of my life were quite normal, I was just your average child. The next four, I was a medically involved child.  Heart murmur, catherization, two different bone diseases of the legs, all four of those years spent in a leg brace on my right leg from my toes to my groin, and then 8 months in a plaster cast on my left leg, ankle to groin.  Having to learn to walk 3 times during those years was a bother, but taught me endurance.  The constant ridicule endured from my classmates also taught endurance, and the ability to forgive others for their ignorance about certain aspects of another's life.   It also taught me not to fear things I didn't understand.  If I just went with it, I would ultimately get through it.  My step father at the time used to tell me, "Can't is a coward, to lazy to try."  So, after getting through all the trials and tribulations that these medical conditions allotted me, I became a young person that wasn't afraid to try anything.

Enter the next seven years of my life, where I actually tried many things that I shouldn't have.  Lying, sneaking, cheating, sex, drugs and alcohol.  By the time I met my husband, I was definitely 'soiled goods'.  But, as far as he was concerned, as long as it was behind me and stayed there, he wanted to marry me and spend the rest of his life with me.  ME, how could that be?  By this time I had myself convinced that nothing GOOD would ever happen to me.  He was just the start.

Exactly 9 months and 8 days after we were married, I gave birth to our amazing baby boy.  Enter the 'motherhood' stage of my life.  Three and a half years later, a beautiful baby girl.  God had blessed us with two amazing children that were perfect in every way.  I had them both tested for all the medical conditions that I had dealt with and neither of them showed even the slightest sign of any of the problems.

   I remained a devoted, stay at home mother until after our daughter was in the first grade.  Then, when necessary, and only when necessary, I would take a part time job to help support our family.  I held every thing from entry level positions, to several assistant, and then management positions.  I found that by always being willing to do what I expected of those under my charge, I got far more cooperation from them than other in my same position did of their employees.  This taught me the ability to make others feel as equals rather than underlings.  People need to be made to feel as though their efforts are appreciated rather than required.  My mother in law always told me, "You get more with honey, than you do with vinegar".  Only then did I understand her silly saying. 

To this day, I get through every day by recalling things that these missing loved ones have said to me.  And when the need arises, and I'm not listening, God has a way of making something happen, that brings to mind just the thought that will get me through the present situation.  What I guess I am trying to say is,  when you are down, or in a predicament that perplexes you, instead of asking why or demanding answers, shut up and listen for his voice.  If you are a good listener, and truly believe in God's power, you will hear the answer, or get directions on which way to go.


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Posted on 06:18AM on Feb 21st, 2013
I too wonder at times like your opening sentence, of why and how lives come and go. But, thats also something for which your other lesson applies, not to fear the things that we don't understand.

I like the way you tie up every story with a grateful tribute to God or a statement of faith.
Posted on 07:51PM on Feb 24th, 2013
Thank You thoughtbubble for the comments. I appreciate knowing that what I write makes sense to someone other than myself.
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